At Kerhoulas Dental Rosedale, our priority is the oral health of our Toronto patients. That's why we use the latest technology such as VELscope, to ensure we catch disease early and get your oral health back on track quickly.

What is VELscope?

The VELscope uses tissue florescence to reveal cellular, structural, and/or metabolic activity changes that are often directly related to disease processes occurring inside the tissue.

The screening we provide with VELscope can potentially lead to the earlier discovery of pre-cancer, cancer, or other disease processes.

Early detection is vital for improving the rates of treatment success, and maintaining a high quality of life.

Unlike other oral cancer screening devices, the VELscope does not require dyes or prolonged testing procedures.

In fact, this exam can be performed during routine hygiene exams in approximately two-minutes.

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From Our Team

  • We highly recommend a professional cleaning with our team at least twice year to maintain optimal oral health.
    - The Kerhoulas Dental Rosedale Team

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