Teeth Whitening

Get a brighter smile on us! Receive free whitening take-home trays with a new or complete patient exam at Kerhoulas Dental Rosedale in Toronto.

Teeth Whitening, Toronto Dentist

A professional, take-home teeth whitening kit can help you achieve a brighter smile, by helping to remove discoloration from stain-causing beverages such as coffee and red wine.

During your complete appointment one of our dental assistants or hygienists will take impressions of your bite and prepare your custom trays for you to take home with you following your appointment.

Before you try any whitening treatment, ask one of our dentists for a realistic idea of the results you are likely to achieve and how long it should take to achieve them. We are happy to answer your questions!

Contact our team at Kerhoulas Dental Rosedale in Toronto to schedule your appointment today!

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From Our Team

  • We highly recommend a professional cleaning with our team at least twice year to maintain optimal oral health.
    - The Kerhoulas Dental Rosedale Team