Dental Implants

Our Toronto dentists at Kerhoulas Dental Rosedale can help you with dental implants – giving you a long term solution for replacing missing teeth, so your smile is always your very best!

Implants are the best solution for replacing missing teeth!

With the advent of implant dentistry, if you are missing one, two or several teeth; you no longer have to accept a lifetime of embarrassment and inconvenience.

Dental implants are sturdy titanium posts that are anchored directly into the jawbone and capped with realistic replacement teeth to provide the same security and usability as that of your natural teeth.

Dental Implants look, feel, and perform like your own teeth. Only you will know the difference!

Dental implants are a vast improvement over conventional dentures. They’re more stable and user-friendly than many other teeth replacement options, and because the posts that secure dental implants in place are integrated into the jaw, they also help prevent bone loss and gum recession.

Certain medical conditions may lower the success rate for implant dentistry. For that reason, we recommend a complimentary consultation and proper screening before you proceed with implant dentistry.

Financing Options

The cost of dental implants varies depending on the number of missing teeth that need to be replaced. Prior to treatment, we will go over implant prices and discuss your payment options with you.

If you think dental implants are right for you, book an appointment with the Kerhoulas Dental Rosedale team in Toronto. Request Appointment

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  • We highly recommend a professional cleaning with our team at least twice year to maintain optimal oral health.
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